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  1. The 5 Best GPS Vehicle Trackers
  2. Imagine having complete control of your business fleet.
  3. 8 Best Location Devices for Dementia Patients | This Caring Home
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Whenever you call the unit it will respond with the coordinates of its location thru a SMS message.

You can then use these coordinates on any mapping software for example Google Earth which will show where exactly the unit is located. This is particularly useful if your vehicle, pets, child or your belongings have been stolen. Time to enjoy the benefits this GPS tracker brings! Applications: This product can locate accurately, provide real time tracking for: Vehicles Anti-Theft. Protect children, the old, vulnerable loved ones, the disabled, pets, etc.

The 5 Best GPS Vehicle Trackers

Camping, vacations. Employees, fleet managing. Remotes control vehicles. Geofences and events use your custom business rules. Reporting All the standard reports you need, and as many custom reports as you want. Security Real-time overviews, alerts, and detailed records keep vehicles, cargo, and drivers safe. Dispatch Managing jobs and field workers is easy with the integrated dispatch feature. Partner-focused You provide services using our white-label software.

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Real-time tracking and alerts Intelligent mapping tools mean more than just a dot on the map. Over supported devices mean fast setup. You always have real-time information for every vehicle in your fleet. You can stay updated with alerts and notifications.

Imagine having complete control of your business fleet.

Geofences and events help automate your business. Each output uses your custom business rules. Reporting All the standard reports you need trip and Idle, time on site, eco-driving scorecard, etc. You can create custom reports for each business role and have them run on your schedule. Bouncie is to the GPS tracking game, but it has all the best parts of other popular trackers. So we expect to see it rising to the top. It also helps you keep tabs on gas levels, vehicle maintenance, and routine car-related tasks, like annual emissions inspections.

We like that you can use your Amazon Echo to check the gas in your car or ask when your registration is due. The device also tracks your mileage and stores the data, which is a great feature if you need to track mileage for business purposes. The only downsides to this device were the green flashing light that never seems to go off black electrical tape to the rescue and some occasional glitches with the Alexa commands.

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  • There are no contracts or cancellation fees, and we like that SpyTec offers a day, no-hassle cancellation policy. The Optimus 2. Both are small, battery-operated vehicle tracking devices, but the Optimus is slightly bigger. We found the location tracking to be more of a connect-the-dots experience rather than the fluid turn-by-turn that you see from other apps, but it depends on the type of monthly plan you buy.

    Upgrading to updates every five seconds could smooth it out. If you want to track a loved one out of genuine concern for their safety and well-being, the best approach is to talk to them about it first.

    8 Best Location Devices for Dementia Patients | This Caring Home

    To make your vehicle even safer, consider other devices like dash cams and rearview backup cameras. These devices can improve your viewing angle and keep a valuable record of your time on the road. GPS tracking devices triangulate their location by sending and receiving satellite signals. Just like your cell phone, your GPS tracker might also experience some interference that can knock the location accuracy off.

    It depends on the device you buy.


    Our search for the best GPS vehicle trackers started with investigating top-rated location trackers to see which consistently performed best. We then did our own deep-dig research to see what users were saying about each device so we could choose the best of the best. Check out our full methodology to learn more about how we rank and review products.