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DJ Records has been buying LPs, 45s, 78s & 12″ singles for well over 15 YEARS.
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If you have decided you're going to get every penny's worth and sell them on Ebay yourself, good luck. But please remember that having never sold on Ebay before means no seller rating, and the chances of getting good bids on your auctions are very slim. In fact, you may end up getting next to nothing unless you're holding an original, unpeeled banana Velvet Underground and Nico you can't peel the sticker to reveal a pink banana on a streaming file.

I've heard stories of buyers offering people ten cents a record and telling them that's just how the business works.

Sell Records to Us:

I generally say that if I can't offer at least a dollar for it, it's not something we want to carry. If a store owner makes a low offer and tells you "well we just have no use for it really, I'm just trying to help you out here," it's a lie. They're better off in the trash than in those owners' greedy hands. And if you're absolutely sure they're trying to rip you off, call their bluff.

Buying Used Records: What to Look For

If we really want it, we won't let you leave. Used vinyl is our bread and butter, and we need good inventory. We'll go as high as we can. So do it. Say "thanks but I can't go that low. So trust us, most of us aren't trying to fuck you over. And any reputable record store will tell you when your offerings are worth something because we want to stay reputable.

And we're always happy to pay a few bucks for a copy of Thriller , because it's one of the sickest records ever made. Lead photo by Bill Damon via Flickr. Follow him on Twitter. Nov 22 , pm. Step inside, take a look You never know what you might discover Ex Ex. Ex Ex-. Ex- M-. M- M-. Ex- Ex. See All New Items. Ex M-. He charges fair prices, and goes out of his way to stock quality records in good condition. There's nothing else you can really ask for as a buyer. My experience leaves no doubt that he offers top dollar, and he'll tell you straight what your records are worth.

If you have records to sell, you can't do better than Lincoln. In fact, the reason he has such great records for his customers to buy is probably because he's such a pleasure for people to sell their records to. Highly recommended. Visiting him at his loft was simple and added a pleasant personal touch to the exchange. Not because he only sells online and then you have to pick it up yourself.

Start with his website—photos are super clear, descriptions are sober and accurate, and prices are fair. Plus the fact that his stock is lovingly selected in the first place. This is the best part. I stress quality because he is picky -- he will only buy records in terrific shape. In exchange, he offers the best prices in the city. My time as a record seller to stores across Toronto reinforces this claim. When he makes you an offer, he is as transparent as possible and is always willing to give you a breakdown of his offer.

How to Sell Your Old Vinyl and Not Get Screwed - VICE

I used to go to others, but now it's just him. When I have records in which he's not interested, he's willing to refer me to a dealer who he thinks will be. He has great taste in music and under his eagle eye, I always manage to find a record I've been on the hunt for -- and always in the best condition! It's comforting to know there's a reliable record source in Toronto. I enjoy getting the daily record texts, not just in the hopes to find something that I'm looking for, but because I've had the chance to find out about a lot of stuff that I didn't know about, or that I've somehow forgotten.

Sell Vinyl Records, We Buy Vinyl Records

I expected it to be a typical Kijiji sale with him walking to the door and us doing a simple exchange. It was wonderful and I'm looking forward to buying more! My name is Lincoln Stewart. Both establishments had sterling reputations for fairness and quality.

What are we looking for?

I now buy and sell top-shelf used records and other things out of my Dundas West loft. My motto is Quality records bought and sold.

Fair prices in and out. I pay half of what I intend to sell a record for. No exceptions. I have bought and sold vinyl in Toronto since Everyone gets treated the same way and I have the testimonials to back that up. This policy is the direct opposite of many of my competitors who want to pay as little as possible and sell for as much as possible. I am interested in most genres, but have a reputation for late 40s to present day jazz, blues, soul, rock, and indie. Unsure what any of that means? These are all very hard sells and therefore not of interest. I also do not buy 78RPM records and am extra picky about Singles and 45s, with deep soul 45s being the exception.

Because I guarantee everything that I sell, I am not interested in unplayable records. I do not sell — and therefore do not buy — records with audible scratches on them. If you can feel a scratch with your finger, the turntable will hear that scratch and therefore the record is not of interest to me. I also do not buy records that are missing the outer sleeve the cover art or records with cover art that is severely water damaged, unless the pressing is particularly rare and the record in great shape.

True, I am probably the pickiest buyer in the city. But this is why I pay so well — I only purchase quality product and do not clutter my inventory with dollar records. It was on my signage and business cards. I was also the only store to state clearly and upfront my buying percentage: fifty percent. I have a hard-earned reputation for fairness, honesty, and transparency, though admittedly I can be a little blunt. Contact me to book an appointment. Keep in mind that if you prefer to stay, I do have a dog — mentioned for the sake of those phobic or allergic.

When I do housecalls, I need the records to be in a well-lighted room.

Depending on the quantity of records, it could take under 30 minutes or several hours.