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Then, go to the car lot and buy the Aston Martin DB9 you just downloaded. Keep buying it until you fill your garage. Note: You may need to return to the safe house and sell your original car if it is not from the same class as the car you chose. When you fill the garage with all DB9s, exit the car lot.

You will get the Exotic Aficionado achievement. Sell all the DB9s and repeat this for the tuner and muscle car classes. Note: You will not gain or lose any money getting these achievements. Need For Speed: Carbon. Gaming vs. Porn: A Master Debate. Let's Explore Gamer's Wildest "Fantasy". Are More Gaming Fails Coming? Top 5 Reasons We Miss the Arcade. Are Zombie Games Truly Undead? More Special Features Is Apex Legends a Fortnite Killer? Around The Web. Hey Blizzard Bring Back Diablo II! Is Fallout Falling Out of Favor? Are Microtransactions Creating Brokeass Gamers?

The Importance of Being Backwards. Video Game Emulation: Piracy or Preservation? PS5 Is Famous We Can Make It inFamous. What's your favorite console gen of all time?

Need for speed carbon car mods download

PC Master Race. View Poll History. Also Worth Reading! Arrr Mateys There Be Piracy Afoot! Why Gaming Doesn't Respect Us. Is Sony Saving the Best for Last? Follow cheatcc.

Need For Speed Carbon - All Official & Bonus Cars

Top Stories. All rights reserved. After not having any mini lightbars to work with I created this and included a large range of customization options that you can utilize. There are codes 1 through 3 patterns and an additional warning pat Created by Potion. NOTE : No face posing, finger posing. House Furniture.

Created by Old Bill. Credits go to Sweet Home 3D, I did the editing, texturing, and porting job After hours of working, I finally ported these props to support Source Film Maker and Garry's Mod communities; plus, I'm going to port more if I get enough subscribers, rates, an TicketBook - Content. Created by Owain. Created by Krijag.

Unsupported Please check my newest addons out on my workshop ; New skin pack from me! This time it is for Paralake. The police skins are inspired off Salt Lake City police deparment, and the fire and EMS vehicles are the same as my l Created by Marcus. This actually drives! PV - Lenco Bearcat. Created by Perryn.

PV - Heavy Rescue Truck. Perryn's Ported Vehicles - Shared Textures. These are the shared textures that i will generally use for parts that need no special textures and can use the same as other models i release. This helps with saving space on your hard drive and makes life eas. Created by Professor Heavy. Includes all males All models have skingroups.

Created by Purple. Created by RaccoonBrother. Created by Richard. Description Introducing the next script in the "Gemerosity" collection; Lapis.

I've constantly tried to focus on designing scripts that all have a design and flow to them that will match one another. And Lapis should be no different. This HUD is strictl Created by Picard. Roy's Cars - Hyundai Pack. Created by Royster. Roy's Cars - Wheels Pack.

A bunch of rims ported from Forza Motorsport 4.

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Recommended for use with PAC3. All rims are colourable. Roy's Cars - Porsche Has some rally history to it, so i like it. Roy's Cars - Pontiac. Cars ported over from Forza Motorsport 3, and Forza Motorsport 4. All assets belong to their respective owners. Features: -Rigged Hoods and Trunks -Bodygroups for badging, bumpers, hoods, wheels, etc. Roy's Cars - Mitsubishi. Cars ported over from Forza Motorsport 4 and Simraceway.

% Save Game And All Bonus Cars [Need for Speed: Carbon] [Mods]

Multiple bodygroups, and skins. Cars can be found under Roy's Cars. Roy's Cars - Mercury Cougar Eliminator ' The Mercury brand counterpart of the Ford Mustang. Engines vary from to Windsor blocks, Clevelands, and even and Cobra Jet engines. The Eliminator specifically had a Wind Roy's Cars - Dodge. Cars ported over from Forza Motorsport 4. Wing, removable wheel bodygroups, LOD0 Models, trunk and hood bones, along with many skin slots.

Car can be found under Roy's Cars. Roy's Cars - Ford.

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All sounds are recorded from Need For Speed: Carbon. All cars can be found under Roy's Cars. All cars ported over from Forza Motorsport 4 and Racing Rivals. Features multiple and removable bumpers, hoods, skirts, and wing bodygroups, along with skins. Roy's Cars - Chevrolet. Sounds recorded from Need For Speed Carbon. Features multiple bodygroups, rotors, calipers, VCMod Lighting support, and skins. Uses the LOD0 model, which is the highest quality.

Car can be fou I'll be add All assets within the addon belong to their respective creators. Features removable bumper bodygroups, hood, wing bodygroups, skins, interior bumpmaps and removable wheels.

Full VCMod support. Q: Missing Textur This one took a lot longer to make, and I wasn't really conservative with materials this time around, unlike the Brat. Roy's Cars - Toyota. Cars ported over from Forza Motorsport 4, and Horizon 2.